Beatrice Manaloto. 18.

personal ☼

041314 // went to marina square after church. then, orchard! signature brands everywhere i’m gonna crey haha. and this smoothie from mcdonald’s to end my first sunday here. :-)

041314 // 🌸

041314 // 🌸

Back after 4 years! Can’t believe I survived traveling alone. Pero siguro I looked like a lost puppy in the airport. Hahaha. Hindi ko alam sinong susundan ko sa dami ng tao??? Bc first time to travel alone + legal age = independence hihi perks somehow. Kaso nung nasa airplane na, there was this lady who got my seat and I couldn’t tell her bc she’s older??? Really disappointed bc pinili ko yon and it’s window seat hellowz. Anyway, experience pa din. 😁